Posted by: Zeeshan Amjad | August 18, 2009

Calculator Program in Windows 7

My this entry is little bit changed than others in such a way that this one is not related to programming. This entry is related to my first experience with Windows 7.

I took the advantage of being and MSDN subscriber and downloaded the RTM version of Windows 7 Ultimate and installed it on Virtual PC 2007.

Before doing any serious work, i poked here and there to get a feel of Windows 7. The most improved program, i guess, in Windows 7 is Calculator program. I also noticed few articles on internet with lots of screen shot of Windows 7, but couldn’t find something on Calculator program of it.

In current version of Window Vista, we have only two mode, simple and scientific calculator. Windows 7 introduced two more mode named Programmer and Statistical Mode. Here are few screen shot of Calculator program.



As you can see from the menu, it not only introduced new mode, but also some conversion utilities too. Here are the screen shot of different mode of calculator. This one is a scientific mode of calculator.


This is programmer mode.


And this one is Statistic mode.


Here are few screen shot of conversion utilities.



We can also do some financial calculation too like calculate the monthly payment of loan etc.





There is history mode in this calculator too where we can see all the command executed in the current session.


Calculator program in Windows 7  offers much more than what we have now in Window Vista or any other Windows. This program is now not only a Calculator, but small utility which can do lots of our day to day work. In addition, programmers mode and Statistics mode are welcome addition in it.


  1. Calculator Program in Windows 7 .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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