Posted by: Zeeshan Amjad | November 1, 2009

Calling WPF from VC++ Program

Previously we saw that how can we call the Unmanaged dialog from WPF, now we are going to do the reverse and calling the WPF from the win32 application. For calling WPF dialog, we have to compile our project with /CLR switch and include all the proper references of the required DLL. In addition we also include the proper namespaces in our VC++ program. Here is the simple VC++ program to call the WPF dialog.

  1: #include <windows.h>
  3: using namespace System;
  4: using namespace System::Windows;
  6: [STAThread]
  7: int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
  8: 				   LPSTR lpcStr, int nCmd)
  9: {
 10: 	Window^ win = gcnew Window();
 11: 	win->Title = "WPF Window";
 12: 	win->Height = 300;
 13: 	win->Width = 400;
 14: 	win->Content = "This is WPF Window";
 15: 	win->ShowDialog();
 16: 	return 0;
 17: }

Here is the output of this program.


If we want to make our Win32 window as a parent of this window then we can’t directly set the handle of window as an owner of this window. We first have to create an object of WindowInteropHelper class and pass the WPF window as a parameter to the constructor and then use IntPtr to set the owner of the WPF window. These are defined in System::Windows::Interop namespace. Here is simple code to demonstrate this.

  1: Window^ win = gcnew Window();
  2: Windows::Interop::WindowInteropHelper^ wih = gcnew Windows::Interop::WindowInteropHelper(win);
  3: wih->Owner = IntPtr(hWnd);


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