Posted by: Zeeshan Amjad | October 31, 2009

Duration class in WPF

WPF defines one class named Duration in System.Windows namespace. This class is mostly used in animation. Before WPF .Net class library already has one class TimeSpan and this class looks like a wrapper on TimeSpan class. The reason to define this class is that this class that this class define two additional properties Automatic and Forever.Here is a class diagram of Duration class.


Here is a class diagram to represent the relationship between Duration and TimeSpan class.


WPF also define one type convertor for duration class named DurationConverter to use this class in XAML. Here is a class diagram of DurationConverter class.


If we add Duration.Forever with Duration.Forever then its result will be Duration.Forever, however if we subtract it then its result would be Duration.Automatic. Here is a simple program to demonstrate all combinations.

  1: using System;
  2: using System.Windows;
  4: namespace DurationSample
  5: {
  6:     class Program
  7:     {
  8:         static void Main(string[] args)
  9:         {
 10:             Console.WriteLine(Duration.Forever + Duration.Forever);
 11:             Console.WriteLine(Duration.Forever - Duration.Forever);
 12:             Console.WriteLine(Duration.Automatic + Duration.Automatic);
 13:             Console.WriteLine(Duration.Automatic - Duration.Automatic);
 14:             Console.WriteLine(Duration.Automatic - Duration.Forever);
 15:             Console.WriteLine(Duration.Forever - Duration.Automatic);
 16:         }
 17:     }
 18: }

Here is the output of this program.








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