Posted by: Zeeshan Amjad | October 25, 2009

Displaying Context Menu

Display context menu in WPF application is not very difficult task. Let’s take a look at simple example where we are displaying the context menu in the tab control. Context menu is defined by the context menu class that is inherited by MenuBase class.

Here is a partial class hierarchy of MenuBase class.


Here is a XAML code to display the context menu on Tab control.

  1: <Window x:Class="objDataProvider.Window1"
  2:     xmlns=""
  3:     xmlns:x=""
  4:     xmlns:System="clr-namespace:System;assembly=mscorlib"
  5:     xmlns:odp="clr-namespace:objDataProvider"
  6:     Title="Context Menu" Height="300" Width="400">    
  7:     <TabControl Margin="5">
  8:         <TabControl.ContextMenu>
  9:             <ContextMenu HasDropShadow="True">
 10:                 <MenuItem Header="Tab First Item"/>
 11:                 <MenuItem Header="Tab Second Item"/>
 12:                 <MenuItem Header="Tab Third Item"/>
 13:             </ContextMenu>
 14:         </TabControl.ContextMenu>
 15:         <TabItem Header="item 1">
 16:             <TabItem.ContextMenu>
 17:                 <ContextMenu HasDropShadow="True">
 18:                     <MenuItem Header="First Item"/>
 19:                     <MenuItem Header="Second Item"/>
 20:                 </ContextMenu>
 21:             </TabItem.ContextMenu>
 22:         </TabItem>
 23:         <TabItem Header="item 2">
 24:             <TabItem.ContextMenu>
 25:                 <ContextMenu HasDropShadow="True">
 26:                     <MenuItem Header="First Item"/>
 27:                     <MenuItem Header="Second Item"/>
 28:                 </ContextMenu>
 29:             </TabItem.ContextMenu>
 30:         </TabItem>
 31:     </TabControl>
 32: </Window>

Note it will display three menu items when click on the tab control, but only two menu items when we right click on the tab here. Here is the output of the program when user click on the tab control.


And here is the output of the program when user click on the tab header.



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  2. nice! easy

    • Thanks to like it.
      Zeeshan Amjad

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