Posted by: Zeeshan Amjad | August 5, 2009

Logical Structure of WPF Class Library

WPF class library is a huge library and for easy management it is brown down into multiple logical grouping. Just like rest of the .Net class libraries, such as ADO.Net, Windows Form etc, WPF also uses namespace to define logical grouping. Namespace not only provide the logical grouping but also solve the name clash issue. Now it is possible to create two classes with the same name in two different name space.

In .Net it is also possible to define classes in the class hierarchy in different namespaces. Such as DispatcherObject is defined in Threading namespace, buts its child class DependencyObject is defined in Window namespace. Similarly Control is defined in Controls namespace however its parent FrameworkElement is defined in Window namespace.

Namespace also have relationship. Such as Primitives namespace is defined under Controls namespace and Media3D namespace is defined under Media namespace.

Here is a diagram to show all of the namespaces defined in WPF class library with their relationship. This diagram is a high level logical view of the WPF library.


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